How to Find the Best WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is undoubtedly the most famous Content Management System (CMS) and blogging tool that is widely used to power millions of websites. Due to its popularity, there are hundreds of web hosts claim that they offer optimized WordPress hosting services, but only a few of them truly do a great job in practice.

As it is not easy to choose a reliable web host for WordPress for it only works well in the rich hosting environment, we introduce this tutorial to guide you finding an ultimately good option.

Things To Consider When Selecting a Reliable WordPress Host

There are thousands of web hosting packages designed for WordPress and most of them perform quite equally. Taking the following features into consideration, you can narrow down your choices from endless options.

Version of PHP & MySQL

WordPress is a free and open source application based on PHP and MySQL. It is a light-weight script and can only be compatible with web hosts featuring the following requirements:

• PHP version 5.2.4 or higher
• MySQL version 5.0 or higher

Disk Space & Bandwidth

For a general website, it is sufficient to utilize 5 GB disk space and 5 GB/mo bandwidth. However, if you are planning to start a website to download files, music, and movies, then you need much more disk space and bandwidth according to the actual files.

Control Panel

Everyone expects an easy to use package, especially for novices and non-technicians. So it is a great choice to select a hosting package including cPanel which has an intuitive interface, making the website management easily.

Speed & Uptime

It is essential to choose a web host which keeps your website with fast speed and at least 99.9% uptime. After all, no one can stand frequent downtimes and slow loading speed. Before making a decision, you can check out the real-time data of web hosting speed and uptime by utilizing Pingdom or other monitoring tools.

Technical Support

Technical support is helpful for users who are in troubles. With the instant 24×7 support via phone, live chat and email, you can easily get helps from professional experts. Besides, many good web hosts also include helpful resources online, such as knowledge base, help articles, video tutorials, user forum, and so on.


In addition to the basic web hosting features, you should also realize the possibilities to upgrade your websites with extensional services ahead of schedule, including server expansion, regular backup and amazing free add-ons, etc.

Evaluate Your Requirements

Bearing the above-mentioned tips in mind, now, you should be clear of what exactly you and your website need. After all, the best web host is the one which can fully meet your requirements.

To build a blog, you need to focus on the blogging features and SEO friendliness, while you should care about the hosting speed and growth space if planning to start a business website. Therefore, before selecting a certain web host from thousands of options worldwide, you can make a specific list of expectations. And then, you can easily verify whether the companies can meet your requirements and remove some unqualified ones.

Moreover, you need to select a hosting solution from shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server by evaluating your current needs and future expansions.

Make Certain Your Budget

It is crucial to keep a budget in mind when selecting a web host for WordPress as the prices are greatly different for the diverse hosting packages.

Basically, you’d better avoid free web hosting service, which is likely to ruin your success. Then, working with an affordable WordPress hosting doesn’t mean you need to completely turn down the packages which are a little bit expensive. After, costly services come with many additional benefits that are indispensable in the event you need an upgradable WordPress hosting.

Refer to Outside Voices

In addition to judging by yourself, you can also make a decision by reading hosting reviews and comparisons from some WordPress review sites like WPMatter. With comprehensive and thorough review, you can completely understand the hosting service and judge whether it is suitable for your website. Besides, the experienced and professional editors always reveal some hidden fees and terms. In addition, you need to listen to the voice of existing customers. By browsing customer reviews on Google, you can understand the truth about a WordPress web host.

There are literally hundreds of WordPress hosting providers worldwide. By following the guidelines above, you can easily pick up a reliable one. If you don’t want to make the research among dozens of options, this recommended list can narrow down your choices greatly.

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